Pay As You Grow Pricing

With our flexible Pay As You Grow hosting plan you can start with a basic $20 AUD per year service fee (which includes 1 GB of Storage space) then add or remove as many WordPress websites and IMAP mailboxes as you actually need. Each WordPress website, IMAP mailbox and extra 1 GB storage slot start at $20 AUD per year with discounts for bulk orders.

As an example of our PAYG pricing, a typical single WordPress website plus one IMAP mailbox would cost $60 per year. Then if you add an extra IMAP mailbox and 1GB storage slot (2 GB total) then that would be $95.00 per year. The first mailbox would be $20 per year and the second one is an extra $15 per year with further discounts for more mailboxes. Go to our shopping cart page and play around with the dropdown menus to get an idea of the various pricing ranges.

We now prefer payments via Paypal including normal Credit or Debit Cards (Paypal account not needed) by selecting the “Pay with a Card” link on the Paypal payment page. You can find our bank BSB/Ac and your Reference number details within the online invoice by selecting “Bank Transfer Details” from the “Payment Method” menu.

If you are logging in to the billing system for the very first time to pay an invoice then click on the Forgot Password? button at the bottom of the signup page and type in your email address. You will receive an email with a link to add a password of your choice. We can also send you a new password which you can copy and paste. Do not use your email password, it will not work.

Our PAYG hosting plan includes unmetered bandwidth for normal web and mail traffic but abusive traffic trends will get our attention and may lead to suspended services.

We also offer Nextcloud storage to sync and share your files, contacts and calendars along with various other collaboration features.